How to activate Intel Quick Sync in docker (Jellyfin, Handbrake,...)

  • I post this because I have not found a clear guide to do it, and after going around a lot and trying things in the end it turned out well. If there is already a guide for this, sorry, I have not found it, that some moderator delete the thread.


    Have a CPU with Intel Quick Sync technology... obvious...



    Install the drivers

    It has worked for me with VA-API, see

    There are several drivers depending on the CPU, look for the correct one.

    Install via console:

    apt install intel-media-va-driver

    optional install vainfo to check the result

    apt install vainfo

    and then run


    The system will spit out the graphical settings.


    And finally include the graphical configuration in docker. I have done it using stacks, I put two examples, jellyfin and handbrake, both have worked for me. They are illustrative examples, each one must adapt them to their particular case, there is a lot of documentation on this.

    The key is these two lines, which inform the docker where the graph is:

    - /dev/dri/renderD128:/dev/dri/renderD128
    - /dev/dri/card0:/dev/dri/card0

    For Handbrake:

    For Jellyfin:

    Note: In the case of Jellyfin, I previously assigned the user I use for that docker to the video and render groups. I don't know if this is necessary but I'm not going to touch it now that it works :)


    Handbrake encoding video on the NAS in 7.5 times less time than without Quick Sync.

    Jellyfin streaming 4K encoded video at 10% CPU.

    NAS administrator, you don't have time to queue videos from Handbrake. :D

    Pentium Gold G6400, RAM 8GB, SnapRaid and UnionFS, 1 parity disk (5TB), 4 data disks (5TB+5TB+4TB+4TB), 1 x 32GB USB disk for startup, 1 x 120GB SSD disk for docker

    I DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. I translate with google, sorry if sometimes I am not well understood :)

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