Disks not detected until reboot

  • Hello,

    I am running omv on raspberry pi 4 with one USB HD connected to it for file backup as samba server. Since last few weeks, I regularly need to reboot my rpi every other day as i am unable to access server from other devices.

    OMVs webui works fine and later i found that it stops detecting disks/file systems and it shows connection error after a long wait at "loading..." But It starts working fine after manual reboot.

    have attached log file and output of fdisk

  • My Pi has been giving me issues also with the same situation.

    500Gb HDD ext4 on USB3 for file share, the filesystem disappears on OMV and it's unable to mount it via the GUI.

    After running df -h and lsblk, I see that the partition isn't seen, only the disk (/dev/sdX)

    The way I've been solving it is, on a terminal, run sudo partprobe /dev/sdX and after that sudo mount -a

    Doing this, the df -h then shows the mounted partition and the filesystem magically returns to the OMV GUI.

    Don't know why this started but it happened when I migrated the Nextcloud docker from that disk to another server.

    Maybe now, the disk is going into sleep and doesn't wake up properly (although I still have Motioneye running on that Pi with the folders for it in that disk)

  • Maybe now, the disk is going into sleep and doesn't wake up properly

    I was think same, may be disc is going into sleep mode due to inactivity for too long. I was using file server quite frequently earlier but lately I have not been using it that frequently.

    Its a Seagate USB Hub Backup Drive that I have connected to my RPI, so I used Seagates Dashboard to change the sleeping settings to “Never” and hoping that will resolve.

    fingers crossed ... will update accordingly


    Update: its been few days since I have changed sleep settings of HD and no issues till now Samba is stable and working.

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