missing package.

  • Although the installation time was off by about 6 months, the ISO image for installing the same version of OpenMediaVault was installed on the following two types of computers from the USB memory in uEFI mode (MBR: Master Boot Record) instead of BIOS mode (MBR: Master Boot Record). Start with GPT: GUID Partition Table) and use it on two types of computers.

    ISO image on USB stick

    OpenMediaVault_5.5.11-amd64.iso (608.2MB)

    I installed it.

    With this ISO image,

    Debian Buster and OVM5 will be installed at the same time.

    (1) Lenovo ThinkServer TS150 (used):

    Purpose of use: NAS, FTP server for Shin-Cooling Giken

    Debian Buster 10.9

    Current (2021/04/05) Operation OMV version OpenMediaVault 5.6.2-1 (usul)

    Processor Intel (R) Core i3-7100 CPU @ 3.90GHz

    Memory 8GB SATA-3.5 ”HDD 4 units,

    sda (Debian OS OMV) 1TB,

    sdb (backup) 1TB,

    sdc (RAID1) 1TB,

    sdd (RAID1) 1TB

    (2) AAEON Mini-ITX Motherboard_EMB-Q170C Built-in BOX PC (New)

    Purpose of use: New Refrigeration Giken Saitama branch office installed (synchronous backup server)

    Current (2021/04/05) Operation OMV version OpenMediaVault 5.6.2-1 (usul)

    Debian Buster 10.9

    Processor Intel (R) Core i3-7171TE CPU @ 3.40GHz

    Memory 8GB

    4 SATA-2.5 ”HDDs,

    sda (Debian OS OMV) 1TB,

    sdb (backup) 1TB,

    sdc (RAID1) 1TB,

    sdd (RAID1) 1TB

    (3) As of 2021/04/06, the AAEON server was launched with completely the same contents for trial operation.

    (4) Although the hardware of these two servers is different, the daemon for the USB uninterruptible power supply RS-400S with the same USB memory ISO image version is installed and started without any problem on the Lenovo server, and the UPS However, on the AAEON BOX computer, the APKPPS daemon was not started, and even the directory of the apcupsd.conf file of the setting file was not created, so APCUPS could not be used.

    Apt-get install apcupsd and apt update do not work, and the APC UPS package fails and cannot be downloaded. I tried various things, but the cause is unknown.

    Instead of relying on legitimate downloads, the relevant packages saved during installation on the Lenovo server

    Read from / var / cache / archives using USB memory, write to AAEON,

    By installing with the dpkg command, you can use the UPS made by APC.

    libusb-0.1-4_2% 3a0.1.12-32_amd64.deb


    If you install with dpkg –I in this order, the environment that can be used normally is ready.

    Please teach me, Why was one of the pre-installed packages missing on two computers that were installed using the same ISO image?

    On a computer with missing those packages, trying to install the missing packages with "apt-get install" will fail.:(

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