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  • Hello,

    I have been trying to setup a OMV build but i have been plagued with issues and haven't even been able to get to the point of logging into the vault yet.

    Back in early February i had ordered a cheap server chassis that could hold 16 hot swap bays at a steep discount ->…18R?Item=N82E16811192418R

    Since then Ive been struggling to find a working motherboard/CPU combo, I had 1 setup that finally allowed me to install but the network ports didn't work.

    Here are the parts i still have on hand and would like to use them if i could, but ill buy new parts if needed.

    CPU: LGA1151 I5-6500

    RAM: DDR4

    SKHYNIX:HMA41GR7MFR4N 8gb-2133

    Patriot:PS001510 4gb-2400

    Samsung:M378A1K43BB2-CRC 8gb-2400

    Samsun:M378A1K43CB2-CTD 8gb-2666

    The motherboards I have tried:

    ASRock Rack C236M WS - Loaded OMV but the network ports wouldn't work and wouldn't recognize an IP address

    ASUS WS C246M PRO - couldn't even get it to boot, kept complaining about ram, even after installing the exact model of ram they recommended.

    I would like to use a server motherboard, since i am installing this in a DIY server rack i built, but i just want to start using the OMV server at this point. I've been struggling for the last 2 months and just don't know what I'm doing wrong at this point.

    Any help is appreciated.

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  • Hmm. I see no reason why OMV wouldn't work on either mobo.

    The ASRock one seems to have two separate Intel NUCs, are you sure neither of them was working?

    As for the ASUS one, it would help to know what exactly you mean by "kept complaining about RAM." What was the specific issue, and at which point did you run into it?

  • Both of the boards had 2 ethernet ports.


    I tried them both, neither of them ever worked. And when I looked up the board for support they didn't have any drivers for linux.


    The board has indicator LEDS for different issues. As soon as I turned on the power the RAM led would turn on, it would run for a bit then shut down and reboot and repeat. At no point would it load the OS on the screen (tries both the hdmi and VGA screen ports) if I had no ram installed I'd get the error code beeps for no ram

    Potential board:

    Came across this one that looks like its work with the parts I have on hand.


    It shows its comparable with certain versions of 64bit linux, what version of linux would OMV5 be the most similar to?

  • Sounds like the ASUS board was just defective - nothing to do with Linux or OMV at all.

    The Supermicro board should work very well. Again, there's no obvious reason why OMV shouldn't work on it.

    Also, OMV5 isn't a Linux OS in and of itself. It runs on top of Debian (current stable version codenamed "buster").

  • Yeah i kind of figured the asus board was defective.

    And yeah, i read that it is considered Debian 10, but whenever you look up motherboard compatability they only list centos, redhat,or ubuntu , none of them explicitly state if they are compatible with Debian.

    (the asus board was actually my forth board, went through three of the asrock, 2 of them i thought i fried before i realized the chassis was shorting out the power pins, the third one i couldn't get the network ports to work, so i gave up on the model lol)

    Thanks for the feedback cubemin, i think ill try the super micro next, its check off all the boxes and looks like it should be good with the CPU i already ordered.

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