New omv setup. Transferred data, but after reboot all data is missing.

  • This is my first time trying omv. So far I have stored my data in Windows with bitlocker, drivepool and snapraid. It has worked great for many years. I recently changed the server to proxmox and am running Windows in a vm and sharing storage from there. It works fine, but Windows is using quite a lot of resources, so I wanted to move to omv.

    I installed omv as a vm in proxmox and passed through new disks I just bought. I mostly followed this guide to setup omv. I setup luks encryption on the disks, created btrfs filesystem and used mergerfs to pool them. I have not setup snapraid yet.

    I shared the pool on samba and started moving some data from the Windows storage. I moved about 300GB and then I rebooted the omv vm. That is when the problems started. Omv would not boot and sent me to emergency mode. I fixed that by editing fstab and adding nofail, as the disks were not ready to be mounted before I unlock the encryption. I then managed to boot omv again. I unlocked the disks and mounted filesystem, but now there is no data on the share anymore. Ok, maybe a problem with mergerfs, as that should be like drivepool and just work on top of the disks. The data should still be on the disks, right? So I share the disks with '/' path, but nothing. I ssh in and check the '/srv/dev-disk-by-id-dm-name-sdx-crypt' mounts, but they are empty. This is how it looks in omv:
    So there is nothing listed in "Used" on the disks
    (The 7MB on data3 is just a new test file I copied). Anyone have an idea what is going on here? Where is the data I moved? Seems like it is gone, but how could that be? I think I enabled the recycle bin on the smb share. Could that be related somehow? Should still show up in "Used" though?

    I copied a new file to the pool and rebooted omv and it seems to work ok now. The file is still there after reboot. But as I seem to just have lost 300 GB of data I am very reluctant to move anything more before I understand what the problem is.

    I get this error when I unlock the encryption on the disks, but it does not seem like a problem. The test file shows up after I unlock, so it seems to be working.


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  • I don't have an answer for you, just an observation. If you don't need encryption, don't use it. Encryption comes with real risks and the only protection it provides is for physical hard drive theft only. In the vast majority of home server installations , the risk of theft is vanishingly small. Compromises are over the wire, +99% of the time.

    My regrets about the Internet How-To. We get questions when things go wrong, from these How-To's,

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