Configuring dnsmasq for container

  • I'm considering a project of setting up a pxe boot server on my OMV nas, by using the linuxserver/netbootxyz container.

    One of the boot images will be a virt-p2v environment, but that's down the track, I have to crawl before I can run.

    From reading articles and youtube stuff, I think I can use dnsmasq to achieve what I want.

    The reasoning for using dnsmasq is I have an ISP provided basic router, this has to remain as the DHCP server. It has NO nextserver or 66/67 instruction set.

    Can dnsmasq in OMV be configured to do this? Why I ask is that it seems a general rule, not to play around in the back-end of OMV, as the web UI may overwrite manual changes.

    If the OMV dnsmasq can be used for this purpose, how do I go about configuring it with the netbootxyz container ? or could someone point me in the direction of some good articles about this topic.

    The 2 clearest instructions I have found are (3 days of weeding through rubbish to get to this point)

    [HOWTO] PXE-Boot various systems…le=ProxyDHCP_with_dnsmasq

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