OMV on Terramaster F5-221 (X.86 64-bit), iso version

  • Hello,

    I want to try OMV on a Terramaster F5-221 (NAS with 5 Hdd, 2 internal usb port, RAM 10 GB).

    Last OMV version proposed iso is "openmediavault_5.5.11-amd64.iso"

    but F5-221 is X.86 64-bit (Intel® Celeron® J3355)

    Can i use iso proposed (dixit amd64…) or where to find an appropriate version for my F5 ?


  • amd64 and x.86.64 is the same

    omv 5.6.5-1 (usul) on RPi4/4GB with Kernel 5.10.x and WittyPi 3 V2 RTC HAT

    2x 6TB HDD formatted with ext4 in Icy Box IB-RD3662-C31 / hardware supported RAID1

    For Read/Write performance of SMB shares hosted on this hardware see forum here

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