Istalling a Plex client in my OMV (with plex server already running in it)

  • Hi there,

    I searched a bit but didn't find an answer for this question.

    I have a NAS (asrock 3700 itx) running OMV and with a plexmediaserver installed in it.

    Since I have analog output from that board, I would like to play music from the NAS to my old analogue amplifier.

    Is there a way to see it as a device in plex?

    Do I have to install another app in OMV to be seen as a Plex client?


  • Well, I understand that this is not what people normally want from a NAS.

    Everybody put the media server in it, and almost nobody use it for driving analogue amplifiers from its soundcard.

    I have an old phone I tested with Plex, and it works.

    But I'm still interested in : running a media client for Plex, Spotify or any service that looks for DLNA devices in the network.

    Is there a tested media player that can run (inside docker) in OMV?

    I could use my smartphone as a remote control, and play data that are hosted in the NAS from the NAS hardware.

    thanks for any suggestion.

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