Access shared folder from other network

  • I've got the following problem. I have a structured network as shown in the added picture. The OMV-server is on a raspberry Pi 3 using OMV 5.6.x. and I want to access the shared folder I configured with my Win10 clients (all 20H2).

    In the red zone (Rote Zone) everything works fine.

    When trying to access the shared folder on the OMV-server from the other network,the green zone (grüne Zone) then I can't access the RaspyNAS-server and I also can't access the shared folder on the RaspyNAS-omv-server visa \\raspynas\sharedfolder.

    - Pinging the OMV server from the Fakturierungs-PC (grenn zone) works fine.

    - Opening the webgui of the omv-server with the firefox browser from the Fakturierungs-PC works.

    For better understanding: When using the windows-explorer and typing \\\sharedfolder I don't get an answer. My opinion is that it is a network problem (configuration of the two fritz!box7590) and not a problem of permissions/rights.

    Hope someone can help.

    Best regards


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