OMV5 listing and installing same updates over and over

  • Hi,

    I am successfully running OMV5 on a RPi4 for months now.

    All updates so far have been installing flawlessy.

    Recently, my OMV started listing and installing the same versions of updates over and over again.

    Every 24h the same updates are listed for install despite having been successfully installed previously.

    Is there any way to fix this?


    Preparing to unpack .../32-libzmq5_4.3.1-4+deb10u2_armhf.deb ...

    Unpacking libzmq5:armhf (4.3.1-4+deb10u2) over (4.3.1-4+deb10u2) ...



  • Hello. I have the same problem as "drtek". It's the same HW. I'm a beginner. I would just like to point out that the re-update will appear after automatic cron upgrade, see catchphrase:

    "The following security packages have been installed automatically. CRON-APT RUN [/etc/cron-apt/config]:....".

    Excuse my English, please. Thank you in advance for the information on how to get rid of this problem.


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