SMB unusable with macos Big Sur

  • Hi there,

    Apologies right away I did not dig deeper so far, but after upgrading my old iMac 2015 to Big Sur my Samba shares are being unusable. I can mount the share but when opening a folder with 15 files and subfolders the beachball is spinning and nothing is loaded at all... I can access via ssh without issues of course and rsync from iMac to the OMV machine. Just connecting with samba does not work properly.

    Anyone with similar experiences? And if so maybe has a tweak or workaround for this OS?

    For now I am back to NFS which works just fine - and fast :)

  • While reading through some mac specific forums it seems that Apple had worked on its smb protocol... and not for the better unfortunately. So it seems that it is indeed a bug. I will try to adjust the version in the smb config when I am home again although I doubt it that it was version related... Anyhow, I will keep you posted.

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