WebUI not working

  • Have been successfully running OMV 5 (24/7) on RPi4 for over a year. However when I now attempt to login to the WebUI, I get the login page ok, enter the user name and password ok, and it seems to respond normally when I hit enter. However, after less than a second, the login page reappears. I can SSH into the pi ok, and a who returns the following:

    pi@pi4nas:/$ who

    pi pts/0 2021-04-22 12:39 (

    john web console 2021-04-22 12:04

    so it looks like the WebUI login is ok (john) but the console is not accessible. And again, the NAS server is working exactly as it should. Can someone help? Please?

  • Thanks--this was very helpful, although I finally resorted to "omv-firstaid" and that seemed to do trick. "df" returned /dev/root at 100% but I never could figure out what was hogging all the space; after firstaid, /dev/root was back to 81%...

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