FTP write permissions

  • Argh, I am tearing my hair out trying to get write permissions to work in FTP.

    TLDR: I believe I have given maximum permissions to the user, in every way imaginable. Yet, although I can access the share, I only have read access.

    Here is my setup:

    I have a union filesystem made up of three disks.

    The individual disks are owned (in unix) by the user/group x. Permissions are all 777 (recursively).

    The union filesystem is also owned (in unix) by the user/group x. Permissions are again 777 (recursively).

    I have a shared folder "Shared". It points to the union filesystem. Under privileges, user x has read and write permissions (as do all other users). Under ACL, the root directory for "Shared"" is owned by user x. The group matches user x's group. Owner, group and others all have read/write/execute permissions.

    Under the User/Group permissions in the ACL of Shared Folders for "Shared", I've given every user account read/write permissions. For one of the sub-folders, I've also given every single system user read/write permissions.

    Under "User", the privileges indicate Read/Write for the union filesystem on user x.

    On the FTP settings, anonymous FTP is diabled, and the share is set up for "Shared".

    I can access the Share by providing the username 'x' and password. However, I only have read access. It seems to me that I've set every single permission everywhere to maximum for everyone (in a desperate attempt to find out why I only have read access). I've restarted, reloaded configurations, restated the client...no joy.

    It feels like I've tried everything. Halp? :)

  • Oh my God, I've finally figured it out.

    OS X only mounts FTP servers as read-only.

    I've lost so much time to such stupidity on Apple's front, I actually feel sick.

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