Postfix: unknown username: openmediavault-notify

  • I have reinstalled recently OMV5 and noticed this today in my logs (note my email notifications are working and are being sent through gmail):

    it is then followed by these:

    postfix/qmgr[3341]: warning: private/omvnotificationfilter socket: malformed response
    postfix/qmgr[3341]: warning: transport omvnotificationfilter failure -- see a previous warning/fatal/panic logfile record for the problem description
    postfix/master[3339]: warning: process /usr/lib/postfix/sbin/pipe pid 22699 exit status 1
    postfix/master[3339]: warning: /usr/lib/postfix/sbin/pipe: bad command startup -- throttling
    postfix/error[22832]: 6A17B841372: to=<openmediavault-notification@localhost.localdomain>, relay=none, delay=1.1, delays=0.04/1/0/0.02, dsn=4.3.0, status=deferred (unknown mail transport error)

    the logs then show it goes on to normal entries in connecting and sending the email notifications. Any ideas?


  • gewgaw

    Added the Label resolved

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