Mounted vFAT USB: service.systemctl_reload failed

  • Hello,

    I'm assuming this may be a mounting problem but I'm not sure.

    Got an error message:

    ID: sharedfolder_mount_units_systemctl_daemon_reload


    Name: service.systemctl_reload

    Result: False

    Comment: No function provided.

    Started: 18:55:59.185075

    Duration: 1.976 ms


    This occurred after I added a USB stick, vFAT formatted, and it wouldn't mount it via the GUI.

    So I went to the command line and after that it showed as mounted in the GUI.

    Yet after restarting the machine, I get a sanity confirmation and the above error message is the result of applying the changes. So revered it and the sanity message went.

    The USB stick however still shows as a mounted drive with volume data in the GUI.

    Am I on the right path here...?!?

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