External HDD (WD 12TB Mybook, WD connected via USB just wont spin down

  • I tried:

    Setting the APM and Spindown via GUI of openmediavault

    Setting the APM and Spindown via hdparm in command line

    Setting APM and Spindown using udisks2 and creating a config file with the apm level and spindown

    Nothing seems to spindown my disk after the amount of time I specified, although udisks2 daemon seems to run.

    When I use the command sudo hdparm -y /dev/sdc , the disk spins down, but the automatic one doesnt work. There is nothing on the disk and Im not writing anything to it or doing stuff. I formatted the disk in BTRFS Filesystem, but before formatting when the disk was NTFS it was the same. SMART-Data indicates it should support this and I think it should for sure, since western digital has a program for this also ( that I cant run on my openmediavault server).

    so any ideas what might supress the spindown or why it wont work? heres the smart data

    Pastebin S.M.A.R.T. Data

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