Auto logout aufter 1 day. But I must relogin very often...

  • Hello friends of OMV:)

    I am quite new to OMV, so pls dont kill me...

    As the titel told, I have set the value of "Auto logout" to 1 day.

    But I have to relogin very often.

    I use the same browser (Chrome on my mobile) and I do noch clear cache or cookies.

    For a short time, I can leave the browser and stay logged in when I came back.

    But if I leave for about 30 Min, i have to relogin again :(

    I am the only user and my NAS is only in my home network, so this should not be a risk for me, to stay logged in the whole day :)

    Any ideas, why I have to relogin after more than around 30 Min ??!

    :/ thank u :)

    OMV 5.6.9-1 (Usul) // ASRock J5040-ITX // be quiet! ATX 500W (BN46) // 2x4GB Samsung M471A5244BB0-CRC

    Fractal Design Node 304 // 4-Port PCIE to SATA 3.0 ControllerCard // 1x 128GB SSD, 3x 4TB and 1x 5TB HDD

  • Along with your other thread this could be 'terminal'

    but if you login and close the window rather than minimise it then it will log you out

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