a container keeps pulling images....over and over again

  • i figured out the cause..

    i changed the udp host port 1900 to 1902 like this " - 1902:1900/udp"

    and hit the update stack and it keeps producing all the jellyfin images as above..

    so i deleted - 1902:1900/udp from the stack.. and it's stopped.

    but the why i changed the host port to 1902 is minidlna uses port 1900.

    (i added minidlna plugin at omv gui. but there is no port 1900 i found only there is only port 8200 .)

    i could find out dlna uses 1900 udp with this command

    netstat -pna | grep 1900

    udp 0 0* 3603/minidlnad.

    what should i do to avoid port conflict...?

    is it ok to delete the option - 1900:1900/udp from jellyfin stack ?

    is it impossible use both dlna and jellyfin at the same time ?

    i think openmediavault is very sensitive and hard to understand...

  • I had a similar issue once with a container from ghrc.io. I think the solution is to make sure you pull the image that's specific to your CPU architecture using tags (such as amd64 for a 64-bit x86 CPU).

    For some weird reason, if you don't specify a tag or tags, ghrc.io just dumps every possible variation of the image on you - I ended up with a full root filesystem before I found the cause.

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