Redefining swap partition for OMV?

  • I have recently done a fresh install of OMV5 on a small SSD with an OS partition + another partition for storage (used for docker appdata "and stuff").

    I have now successfully cloned the small SSD into a larger one and I want to resize the storage partition to take up all of the unallocated space. The problem is that OMV created the swap partition after the storage partition, and therefore in order to resize the storage partition in GParted I have to first delete the current swap partition... I have 8Gb of RAM in my system and I'd like to have a swap partition in the future as well, I can easily leave 8Gb of space at the end of the drive for the swap in GParted.

    The question is how do I tell the OMV install to start using that new 8Gb partition as swap?

  • I couldn't increase the free space preceding because the OS partition was there... Or at least I couldn't figure out how to do it in GParted without messing up my existing data partitions.

    In any case I have now done the resizing so that I deleted the existing swap partition and recreated it at the end of the drive, and it worked except that OMV is of course currently not using the new swap partition. How do I tell OMV to use it? The 'File Systems' section does not even allow me to mount it:

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