[SOLVED] Asus Tuf Gaming H570-Pro Wifi

  • Hi everyone,

    i've managed to install OMV on an M.2 on the motherboard mentioned in the subject. But as soon as OMV boots the screen jut turns off and the machine keeps running. How can i debug this? Or better fix :D

    Thanks for you help!



  • I've found a solution by reviewing other issues in this threat. Following two helped me to make OMV boot (visibly):

    RE: Ryzen 3200G boot issues - ASUS B450 MB

    Pressing "e" while booting to change "quiet" to "nomodeset" on the kernel in grub.

    RE: OMV mit Debian Bullseye (11)

    Installing and using the proxmox Kernel 5.11 via omv-extras makes the above mentioned workaround obsolete.

    Now the graphics and network card are working just fine.



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