OMV-Interface Issue

  • Hello,

    i made a stupid mistake by accident. By accident i deleted a nginx folder inside the /var/lib path and just before i wanted to change my OMV port to 90 instead of 81.

    I have nextcloud running on port 80. i disabled it now and i can access rthe portainer interface but not the OMV one. it shows something like nginx couldn't start or something.

    Please help me to fix it. I need my data and at the moment cannot afford a new install of OMV and do all stetings again...

    When i now try to chnage the OMV port in the first aid settings again then it shows this.

    I cannot do anything in OMV.

    But shared folders etc is working fine just the interface not. I scare i have screwed up my OMV...

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