Critical: libusb_init failed

  • hello,

    I can't start my Plex container anymore, I tried older containers without luck. any hints?

    tia miker

  • Without beeing a cunt (wait, I am), what the hell do you need???

    Asking for help with just a question that "my whatever doesn't work anymore" won't give any hints of what is wrong with your setup.


    You are using a legacy method of defining umask

    please update your environment variable from UMASK_SET to UMASK

    to keep the functionality after July 2021

    Seeing this is, somewhat, self explaining what might be wrong with your setup.

    Redeploy your YML (stack) with the above changed.

    OR, some more details, will be apreciated, for eg: what hardware are you using? What OS/OMV version? Your bank account details?, etc...

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