plex media server can't start web client for config

  • Do not use ACL. All plex needs is read for other users. The default drop down when you create a shared folder gives this, chmod 775. When people try to use ACL and Privileges together it does not work.

  • Ok. Cleared out ACL checkboxes, and access remains. I also have plex scanning my media files correctly!

    Thanks. this was first post since setting up OMV mid last year. Forums are great. Thanks so much! And love the new demo!

    EDIT: I tried to go to https://my.ip/32400/web/index.html (don't know why I did this; trying to check encryption everywhere) and now cannot access my OMV webgui. Login won't take my username/pw. Help?

    OMV 4.1.35-1 (Arrakis)
    Lenovo TS140


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