iPhone now only read/only

  • Hi all, first post.

    I set up OMV on a Raspberry Pi4 several months ago. Love it and have had no probs until now.

    I set up some shares which can be accessed by my Windows machines, other Raspberry Pi's and two iphones (backup camera rolls)

    The problem is that both iPhones have become read/only. We can't upload anything. No issue navigating through the files app on the iphone and viewing stuff.

    Haven't touched a thing on either iphone or done any OMV updates.

    Any suggestions? we would upload the pics as 'guests' to the shared drive.

    Thank you

  • Update for others....

    So looks like an iOS bug or feature going on here.

    My iPad (also) no longer works and its since I updated to iOS 14.6 (fine literally moments before)

    Also appears to affect pics or video items in 'My Photos' off the actual devices. Saving pics or PDFs etc directly from an App or browser whilst browsing no issues, business as usual.

    I see nothing in the release notes of iOS 14.6 which would indicate the new behaviour. So I'll take it over to the Mac forums.


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