ftp server upload speed..

  • Hello.

    I am using OMV5 with Raspberry Pi 4 model B

    it has 2 GB ram

    I plugged lan wire to Pi and router I use as you can see in the picture

    Also I put the usb like this picture below

    When I download the file, the download speed is always over 45MB/s

    however when I upload the file from local to ftp server, the speed is only 14~20MB/s

    I checked the internet speed of my computer(not Pi, my computer as a client), it shows

    download speed is over 500Mbps and upload one is over 510Mbps

    I don't know why this happens to me..

    could someone have any solution for this..

    I really need hand right now..

    thank you in advance :)

  • My FTP upload (to OMV) speed was also really slow sometimes, usually if any sort of other disk activity was going on. and this was on a Xeon. After running slow for a long while, it would often get faster. (closer to ethernet speed).

    I didn't ever come to a resolution.

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