Basic guide to create a virtual machine with the OPENMEDIAVAULT-KVM plugin.

  • Basic guide to create a Virtual Machine with the KVM plugin.

    I upload it in PDF because I have not been able to insert images. Sorry. There are two versions, one in English and one in Spanish. The english version is translated with google, I do what I can. If someone wants to lose a while I can provide the open document to correct it.

    I hope to be helpful.


    Intel core i3 3225, 8GB RAM, SnapRaid and UnionFS, 1 parity disk (5TB), 4 data disks (5TB + 5TB + 4TB + 4TB), 1 60GB SSD disk for boot, 1 120GB SSD disk for Docker and KVM

    I DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. I translate with google, sorry if sometimes you don't understand me well:)

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