OMV 5 does not resolve single-name (dotless) hostnames on the local network whereas OMV4 does.

  • Hi,

    So I have a couple of vanilla OMV 5 boxes join the fold on two different networks & two different domains.

    Let's say these local networks are mydomain1 and mydomain2. The domain names are configured correctly in the webgui. Network config is ipv4 dhcp ipv6 disabled.

    I noticed common to both OMV5 installs out of the tin from a shell the following behaviour:

    host someclient

    would fail whereas

    host someclient.mydomain1
    host someotherclient.mydomain2

    would succeed and resolve a client on the local network/domain to the correct ip.

    On my OMV4 systems both of these would resolve correctly out of the tin as expected.

    I fixed this by adding the line:


    to /etc/systemd/resolved.conf

    (and of course mydomain2 on the second box)

    So my whole file now looks like this:

    And now the behaviour of the OMV5 installations matches that of the OMV4 ones.

    I believe this to be down to the default behaviour of systemd-resolver.service which OMV5 has moved to?

    My question is should this be handled by the domain config in the webgui? If so then I would suggest this is a bug.

    If, however, it was intended that moving OMV5 to systemd should inherit the default behaviour of systemd then it's more of a gotcha because the behaviour is now different than that of OMV4.

    Either way here it is for those that may also come accross this issue.



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