Problems with Harddrives

  • Hi all,

    I´m looking for some help and would be grateful for any support. My knowledge for Linux is "learning-by-doing" and the homeserver runs the last 12 months very well. Now i reached the point where the empty space gets short and decided to add another NAS-HDD.


    - Bought a Seagate NAS HDD 4TB

    - Goal is to move the datas from the current Raid (2x4TB) to the new HDD and then change the Raid HDDs to single HDDs - These datas arent that valuable so no backup is needed in case of losing

    Situation: (again I´m not really good at all, please have pity and patience)

    - I have added the new HDD and tried to add it in row with sda, sdb, sdc, sdd new as sde. But everytime it was shown as zd0 and if i´m not wrong its part of an old ZFS-Pool?! Is there any chance to adjust it?

    - Used cfdisk


    - after trying several times to use cfdisk the old raid does not work anymore. I splitted original the raid in "media" and in "data". If i try to have access with the explorer via Windows there comes an error message for datas "Network error - no access to /OMW/Datas" and if I try to access to the Media folder there is no error message but the folder is empty.

    When adding the HDD it looks like one SATA wire was mixed up. Is this an problem? I adjusted it.

    In OMV there is shown following:

    Everything is setup via Proxmox. Nextcloud, Docker and OMV.

    Nextcloud is part of the the Data zfspool and i can have access to everything of Nextcloud.

    Is there something i can do without losing directly everything now?

    If you need any further information pls let me know and I triy to provide them asap.

    Thank you for your support.


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