ZFS pool not mounting on boot

  • Having an issue getting ZFS to work properly.

    I set up my ZFS pool and have made shares on it, it appears to work. However, when I reboot the NAS the ZFS pool is not listed and zpool status shows no pools in CLI.

    I've tried to make sure it is mounting as /dev/disk/by-id and I've regenerated the zpool.cache, but it still unmounts after every boot.

    When I manually import it then run zpool status this appears

    It seems fine after that.

    Disks are attached over an AIC LSI HBA going to an external disk enclosure if it matters.

    OMV 5.6.8 on HP ProLiant DL360p G8: 2x Xeon E5-2609 32GB DDR3 24x900GB 10K SAS Drives (ZFS RAID-Z3) 2x 120GB SSD (Hardware RAID 1 for OS)

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