OMV4 Update fail | apt-get update or apt update also fail.

  • Today July 23th 2021, noticed this error for the first time, the output below:

    I always try to run the updates using the user interface web admin page of the OMV4, but even when testing using ssh to connect to the device I get the same error.

  • jairunet

    Changed the title of the thread from “OMV Update fail” to “OMV4 Update fail | apt-get update or apt update also fail.”.
  • Noted.

    Can I upgrade without losing the RAID configuration I have set up in this NAS?

    I think that will be my # 1 concern. I appreciate any documentation, guide link, or advice.


  • Never mind, I just noticed that you provided the link to the thread with the workaround.

    I will definitely check for details on how to upgrade to OMV5.x ASAP.

    • Official Post

    Make sure to carefully read, understand and follow the instructions:

    Upgrade Scripts for non-interactive major release upgrades (2->3, 3->4, 4->5)

    Even if you do a fresh install you will be able to mount the filesystem on the RAID. You can even mount it on any Linux distro that has mdadm installed.

    After a fresh install you would have to do all the configuration (shared folder, smb, ftp etc) manually.

  • Same here with My OMV4 production server.

    df -h / : /dev/nvme0n1p1  226G  172G   44G  80% /

    awk '$2 == "/" { print $4 }' /proc/mounts : rw,noatime,nodiratime,errors=remount-ro

    omv-aptclean ends with

    Retiring OMV 4.x on intel
    Building OMV 5.x on AMD based Dell R5715

  • Hello there macom, Thank you very much by the way for your great help.

    In post # 2, I did what post # 9 says:

    To first solve the error I am getting in version OMV4.x and in preparation to upgrade to OMV5.x, however. I am getting this error now:

    Is it OK to ignore it and move forward with the OMV4 to OMV5 upgrade instructions?

    Thank you again in advance,

  • see post #2


    I ran:

    For now my production OMV4 box seems more stable while I bring my new machine online. I hope to have the new one finished before OMV6 is deemed 'release.'

    Retiring OMV 4.x on intel
    Building OMV 5.x on AMD based Dell R5715

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