How to Recover a backup of OMV 5?

  • Hello,

    I am running an actual OMV Version and tried the Clonzilla Backup. -> Fine.

    But now my (boot)ssd crashed and I want to recover my backup.

    So I decided to remove the SSD and go on with a Recovery on an USB Stick.

    Yes, I know the Flash Plugin.

    The Backup itself is hosted on an NVME Storage inside the NAS.

    So try to restore the Backup from the NVME to the USB Stick. But it doesn´t work.

    Everytime I do a dd from NVME to USB it won´t boot.

    I get in grub rescue.

    On the NVME there only exists an x86-64-efi Folder.

    But grub is always looking for a i386-pc Folder.

    A copy to this folder doesn´t work.

    I hope anyone can help.... Please...

    OMV 5.6.12-1 Usul | Fujitsu DS3231 | Intel i5 - 4570S | 8Gb Ram | 4x8TB | 256 GB USB for boot | 500GB NVME | SnapRAID und mergerfs | Megasat SAT->IP Server 3

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