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  • While trying to Robocopy all the permissions from windows server 2019 to Azure blob at the same time?
    How can we throttle the connection when we need to copy from our local machine which contains windows server 2019 to Azure blob.

    we need the throttling because we noted that the copying job takes all the speed of our bandwidth and this is affecting our DataCenter.

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  • Dears,I am lucky, my problem has been solved and I am here now to share how it was solved.

    after doing a full search, I found a tool called Azcopy which can work to copy from windows server 2019 to Azure blob but I found so many difficulties to understand it because it was CLI-based and the throttling parameters was not effective.

    A Tech expert recommended Gs Richcopy 360, the tool tested, has an easy interface and it has all the needed options to copy the permissions and to copy the throttle the connection.

    Everything is OK now and works smoothly

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