debootstrap for OMV

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  • i think he didn't explain well, i think i am interested in it too, on the wd my cloud there are 24 partition but used for DEEBIAN and OMV4 are 3 partition , (20 debian, 21 var, 22 usr), in those 3 partition there are DEBIAN and OMV, I think he asked if there is some way to make a TAR.GZ like in the link he posted, the problem is that in this post (…loud-home-single-bay.html) is creating 3 image of the partitions but only with debian, he asked if there is some way to put DEBIAN and OMV in one TAR.GZ the file 20 and create the other TAR.GZ 21 and 22 empty or at least with one file, because those 3 files are important to recover the system, but my intention (i dont know his intention) is to create the partition 20 8gb and the partition 21 and 22 make smaller 50MB also because not used after this creation.

    I think he means this

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