Need advice how to insert EXT4 Disk without loosing data

  • Hello guys and thank you for your nice forum. I searched the forum for my issue but didn' find any solution nor advice.

    I have a QNAP TS-412 4 bay NAS Server which is way too slow and Firmware seems to be faulty. I'd like to switch completely to OMV. I have Version 5.6 running without any issues.

    How can I remove the disk from QNAP (EXT4 formatted) and insert into OMV System without loosing any data?

    Is this possible?

    What steps do I have to go through?

    Thank you for your help which is very much appreciated.



  • Sorry, I do not know anything about a QNAP, but for a "normal" ext4 formatted disk the process would be:

    1. connect the drive (power and sata)
    2. boot OMV
    3. mount the filesystem (or filesystems) on the drive
    4. create shared folders pointing at the existing folders on the drive (see the picture below on how to browse the filesystem using the GUI of OMV)
    5. give privileges for the shared folders to users
    6. add the shared folders to the services (like smb)

  • Hello Macom,

    thanks for your reply. That sounds easy.

    On QNAP I shared the whole disk let's say : Disk-1. I have no idea whether the QNAP creates a shared folder named Disk-1 or if it's the real Disk. Thats my issue. OMV will create a folder named "Disk-1" as far as I understand. Maybe I'm wrong. So that's why I'm asking.

  • In addition, once the drive is installed in OMV, you can use ssh and a tool like Midnight Commander to move files around. That means that you can create an empty OMV share, as normal, and later move existing files on the drive into that share.

    Also you may want to use the plugin resetperm to reset permissions on the new OMV share after moving files there.

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