Can’t access services, suspected volume full

  • Hi team,

    So I’ve had OMV up and running for a year now and it’s been pretty great.

    I’ve installed all my things (containers etc) and got it set up and just how I like and it’s been rock solid for a few months now.

    Now here is the issue. The volume my containers are stored on has seemingly gotten full even with regular image pruning and apt-cleaning. Now it is so full none of my containers will start, the web UI won’t load and I can only access it via SSH.

    Can someone please help me get this back online and then help me migrate the small volume on an old 3TB HDD onto a new 500gb SSD (in that order please!)

  • To follow up, I am happy using terminal but I do not know what commands to use where; however am good at following instructions

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Here is my results:

    "Cleaning Up dockers"


    docker system df


    root@Optimus:~# docker system df
    Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?

    Then moved onto "moving locker storage"

    and got the following:

    root@Optimus:~# cat /etc/docker/daemon.json


    "runtimes": {

    "nvidia": {

    "path": "nvidia-container-runtime",

    "runtimeArgs": []




    Portainer or any of my services are not running..

  • tried the following:

    root@Optimus:/# df -h /
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sdj2 19G 19G 0 100% /

    Going down the rabbit hole here...

    root@Optimus:/# df -h /mnt
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sdj2 19G 19G 0 100%
  • Because I am unsure / not confident in what I’m doing!

    But thanks for the tip, followed that and I got:

  • And further:

    root@Optimus:~# du -sh /var/lib/docker/containers/6e201ea2cd22203fa59e6454039bec83f5d965584239c46a880ad5c2fd161a6b/*
    6.5G /var/lib/docker/containers/6e201ea2cd22203fa59e6454039bec83f5d965584239c46a880ad5c2fd161a6b/6e201ea2cd22203fa59e6454039bec83f5d965584239c46a880ad5c2fd161a6b-json.log
    4.0K /var/lib/docker/containers/6e201ea2cd22203fa59e6454039bec83f5d965584239c46a880ad5c2fd161a6b/checkpoints
    8.0K /var/lib/docker/containers/6e201ea2cd22203fa59e6454039bec83f5d965584239c46a880ad5c2fd161a6b/config.v2.json
    4.0K /var/lib/docker/containers/6e201ea2cd22203fa59e6454039bec83f5d965584239c46a880ad5c2fd161a6b/hostconfig.json
    4.0K /var/lib/docker/containers/6e201ea2cd22203fa59e6454039bec83f5d965584239c46a880ad5c2fd161a6b/hostname
    4.0K /var/lib/docker/containers/6e201ea2cd22203fa59e6454039bec83f5d965584239c46a880ad5c2fd161a6b/hosts
    4.0K /var/lib/docker/containers/6e201ea2cd22203fa59e6454039bec83f5d965584239c46a880ad5c2fd161a6b/mounts
    4.0K /var/lib/docker/containers/6e201ea2cd22203fa59e6454039bec83f5d965584239c46a880ad5c2fd161a6b/resolv.conf
    4.0K /var/lib/docker/containers/6e201ea2cd22203fa59e6454039bec83f5d965584239c46a880ad5c2fd161a6b/resolv.conf.hash
  • So I followed that down and found what appeared to be a 6.5G log file.

    After opening the folder up in FileZilla and finding a config file, I saw it was for transmission.

    So I copied the file to my computer and then deleted it from the folder.

    I then rebooted the system and BOOM everything came up and started working near instantly.

    Thank you for the guidance on this

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