Newbie question- Geting So many errors in my 1st OMV setup.

  • I bought the QNAP TR-004 with 4 x 2TB WD green disks.

    I set them to Raid5 (hardware).

    I also bought a R.Pi4 ModelB 4GB

    I got the disks and Qnap 1st so I tried to format and check on my windows (NTFS) and everything was butter easy.

    When I got the RP I connected the raid (USB) and installed OMV without problems.

    But when I go to "File Systems" I Create the new drive in Ext4 but I keep getting a generic error, and nothing in logs.

    Is there any incompatibility with this setup? I didn't want to change the raid5 to "individual" cuz OMV doesn't manage raid5 via USB drives.

    What should I do?

    TY for your help :)

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