OMV 6: Missing execution rights on SMB share / Workaround

  • Dear OMV users / developers.

    I just upgraded my "Server" (It's actually a TerraMaster F5-221 NAS with Intel CPU) to Debian 11 Bullseye and also installed OMV 6 and pi-hole on it natively (without a container) - works fine so far, but OMV 6 seems to have an issue with SMB shares that was not present in OMV 5.

    I noticed that I was not able to run any downloaded EXE files from my Downloads folder on my Server running OMV 6. That actually happened twice now, the first time I was able to get it running by completely removing the share, the shared folder, the file system, the RAID and finally wiped all three harddisks and started from scratch by restoring a backup. This time I did the same (reinstalled Debian since I swapped the SSD in the server) but this time I went for BTRFS instead of EXT4 as file system - and this time the execution policy issue was still there after.

    It seems to me that OMV does not set the ACL execution policy properly (just a guess) on the share. If I open the security settings of the EXE in Windows, the file has missing execution rights for "Users" despite the permissions are set accordingly (see below). The same is shown by chmod in Midnight commander from a SSH shell.

    I managed to get around the issue by setting the parameter

    acl allow execute always = yes

    In the "Extras" section of the ACL settings of the share - afterwards it works just fine. I don't care if execution is allowed in every case now since it was not restricted in the first place.

    Did I overlook something or is this an issue with OMV 6?

    Windows 11 / No execution possible on share / Windows 11, OMV parameter set, execution works

    OMV share ACL

    The share access user is part of the user groups "users", "smbshare" and "minidlna" (minidlna is also installed), as you see above, the ACL is set to give read/write/execute rights to the group "users". Just in case the list of manual assignments (right screenshot above) overwrites the execution policy, i deleted the share and did not tick the read/write box on the user groups exept minidlna as read only.

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  • Not sure this is the right place to ask this question or not. I recently installed OMV 6 and I am having trouble accessing my shared folders in midnight commander. I basically use my system to watch plex. Not much more so I do not get into linux much. To get to Midnight Commander I used to use shell in a box which is no longer available. Anyways, when I go to midnight commander the only drive available is the one the software is installed on. I am sure this is an easy step but I have zero idea what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Anyways, when I go to midnight commander the only drive available is the one the software is installed on.

    Your data drives (filesystems) are mounted in /srv. In that folder you will find one directory for each mounted filesystem. It is of the type


  • I have been testing v6 since the release. Using a PC and have both internal a& external HDD's formatted in NFTS, then mounted in OMV.

    I cannot get SMB shares to be seen by any applications on anything android, like nvidea shields, the shields mount fine and everything can be browsed, but apps like Kodi and others I have won't work. When you try to add something via SMB, it is just comes up blank. I have tried using SMBv1, 2 & 3. This applies to trying to connect via SMB in Win 10 as well.

    I posted something like this in a couple other threads, then instructed to come back here after posting on Git. I was hoping 6.0.4 might fix it, but it didn't. Everything works fine and still does with same setup and v5.

  • I have been testing v6 since the release. Using a PC and have both internal a& external HDD's formatted in NFTS, then mounted in OMV.

    Mount NTFS are only to copy files to local disk, do not use as your data disk.

    Data Disk, must be on one of linux native filesystems format eg: Ext4, BTRFS, ZFS, etc.

    Please do not use NTFS disk as your OMV data disk.

  • Thanks for the reply. It works fine with OMV5. If it isn't going to work in OMV6, I suppose I will never be able to upgrade. I have approx. 26TB of data being used. Sure not going to buy more HDDs to format them to a different format and copy all that data to them.

    To expensive and take days to do. Maybe it will be fixed to work like OMV5??

  • Wanderer189 : Debian 11 just added the new NTFS driver - NTFS-3G. May be the issue is gone now.

    But I must agree: use a native Linux FS for your OMV shares. NTFS is the least optimal FS to use on a Linux share.

    Kodi works fine on my Server, but I can't access the shares natively. DLNA works fine thow (miniDLNA is installed). You need to enable the UPnP service in Kodi, then add a share with UPnP instead of SMB. Don't know why SMB is not working anymore on Kodi, but since I have miniDLNA installed on the server anyway, this is no real issue for me. Maybe Kodi is not able to access SMB3-shares. CIFS would be an alternative.

  • Thank you for replying. Yes, Kodi has always been a pain concerning SMB. I just updated to v6.025 and I had hoped it might work, but it didn't. So far, I don't see an option for a miniDLNA in the OMV6 plugins yet. That would be a good way to go if there is one released.

  • TimeTurn I'm having the same problem.. did you ever get a solution or some feedback from the devs, or are you still using your workaround?

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