Wanting to replace my Orico 5-bay USB - Is OMV the right approach

  • I currently backup my main system using a USB attached Orico enclosure. The Orico box sometimes just goes into Alert for no apparent reason. I do not want to make this a NAS to avoid LAN disruption of streaming services. Is OMV the right approach? I currently run OMV6 for my Plex storage on a stand-alone pc which works well. In short, I like something to look and act like my Orico drives which appear as one large 15 TB drive.

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    Is OMV the right approach?

    Not sure what you are asking. Are you asking if OMV can be used for a NAS? Than definitely yes. It is the main purpose of OMV.

    If you have already OMV6 (alpha/testing) running, you can just add some storage and test it.

    But for now it would be better to start with OMV5 which is the stable version at the moment.

  • I didn't want to go NAS because of the load on the LAN during backup as it is mostly used for streaming from my OMV/Plex setup which is using OMV6 and docker w. Plex container.

    I was asking if an OMV box could serve data via USB. After experimenting with both TrueNAS and OMV I can see it is a stupid idea because the transfer rates on USB are MUCH slower than LAN speeds. The little time I spent on TrueNAS showed that my potential storage would be halved as I had two drives and used ZFS with SPLIT. So I will be using OMV for SHARE the backup folders to the different machines as needed.


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