OMV4 loses network connection

  • Hi,

    I'm having an issue keeping my omv network connection.

    The current set up is, modem - router(Netgear rbr750) - NAS/OMV4.

    Mostly when I power up my NAS the omv is working at the beginning, meaning I can run plex and I can see the omv login window when I put its IP in my browser.

    But it suddenly stops working after about half an hour if I do nothing. And if I access it from multiple devices like my laptop and iPhone at the same time, the issue happens much earlier. And once it stops working, rebooting the NAS PC won't work. I had to wait for very long time to make it start working again.

    In this case the plex says " is unable to connect to "omv4" securely. And also I cannot open the ovm4 page in my browser anymore. My macbook says "server connection interrupted"

    The first thing I tried was to see if my NAS PC is up and running. It seems there was no issue with my NAS itself. I think its network is fine because pinging google was working.

    And also I checked my router and made sure it's allowing my NAS' address. But this didn't help.

    I'm personally guessing my new Netgear router is somehow blocking it because my previous chip router didn't make such issues. But I don't know much about network and need your insights.. Please let me know where I should start from.

    Anything would help a lot.

    Thank you in advance.


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