Turn off email but keep notifications (via sinks)

  • Is there a standard way to leave notifications on but turn off email?

    I have a sink handling the notification, but can't find any way to turn off the email part that seems reliable.

    The easiest is to add the following line to /etc/postfix/main.cf

    default_transport = discard

    But that will get over-written by a salt deploy. So if there isn't a better alternative, it would be nice to have another OMV config called OMV_POSTFIX_MAIN_DEFAULT_TRANSPORT and the corresponding lines in the salt template salt/omv/deploy/postfix/files/main.cf.j2

  • Another way to do this is by adding this to the file /etc/postfix/transport, but that also get's overwritten by a deploy :-(

    * discard:

    The problem is that the assumption that email is turned on for notification seems to be fairly pervasive in the salt config (e.g. quite a few checks on email_config.enable) so a way to set the default to discard may be the easiest approach.

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