clamav gives errors during enabling through gui

  • Hi,

    I cannot get clamav to work on my fresh install off omv5. When I try to enable it gives me this error part 1:


    - toggle enable on/off/on, same error message after 5 min

    - when I set database check to 0 I still get an error but much sooner and less long

    - added apparmor=0 to grub file. Reboot en reinstall plugin. Same error

    - tried to remove /run/clamav/clamd.ctl. Not present.

    - removed etc/clamav. reboot en reinstall. Same error

    - did a purge with apt-get purge clamav freshclam. Same error after install plugin

    - via putty as root did apt-get install clamav-base clamav-daemon clamav-freshclam clamdscan libclamav9. The output did mention installing additional packages like omv clamav stuff I think... No Icon in gui afterwards.

    - omv-salt deploy run clamav. Same error

    I am doing a test run in virtualbox. Same problems there.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you

  • part 2:

  • part 3:

  • Tried tis also from putty:

    Now there is a icon in gui. Same errors when I enable it. I've noticed that the above error message regarding to openmediavault-clamav post installation script and subprocess may be the cause off all the subsequent problems. So the script needs to be updated??

  • thesorcerer

    Changed the title of the thread from “clamav gives errors after enabling gui” to “clamav gives errors during enabling through gui”.
  • I'm having the same issue. This thread came up in a search for the problem. Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with Clam AV or Salt, and I'm brand new to OMV. Mine is on a fresh install. Maybe this is caused by a bad update?

  • Mine is directly related to the Flashmemory plugin. When the logs get moved to folder2ram it causes the clamav-daemon to fail to be able to write to the log and causes it to fail. Even uninstalling the flashmemory plugin wasn't enough. I had to delete the logs in `/var/log/clamav`. Then clam started up without any problems. Guess I'll just won't use the flashmemory plugin. I didn't really need it as OMV is installed on an SSD, not a usb stick or SD card.

  • Thanks for your respons. On my virtualbox test setup same problem. Both clean installs of omv5 and omv6. On my previous setup using a ssd as boot same problem. Will have a look at `/var/log/clamav`.

    By the way do you have this dir? :

    path /var/lib/clamav/main

    Seems to be abscent here.

  • update.

    On my ovm6 vm it is working now. Next I tried it on my real nas running ovm5 from flash drive with flas plugin and that is working now too. Green lights accross the board.

    Very strange... I have no explanation why it suddenly has no errors when enabling... I haven't changed anything or doing something new.

  • New problem:

    When I check in gui dashboard both dots are not green. I have to re-enable it manually. For some reason autoshutdown plugin stops working to. Need to re-enable it the same way. :/

  • -Update-

    Did a clean install. This time I choose a different source mirror. Don't know if that was the problem. Most likely an error during system update in the past. So far running as it should.

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