Real diffrence between stripe and linear raid

  • Hi,
    I hope you guys are safe.
    Today I want to know what is the real difference between raid stripe and linear. in theory, there are no differences when it comes to redundancy and growing (see screenshot).
    but then why I should create linear not stripe?
    when I should use linear and when stripe?

    In linear raid, is there any way to recover files partially after damaging one disk?

    Thank you!

  • when I should use linear and when stripe

    Why are you asking the question, you obviously understand there is a difference between the two and a search would give the necessary information.

    So to answer your question -> Never, especially if you don't care about your data.

    Raid 0 -> Striped -> One drive fails you lose the lot.

    Linear -> Groups drives together and data is allocated sequentially from one drive to the other, data recovery, possibly, but highly unlikely.

    If your data is unimportant then either will do!!

    Raid is not a backup! Would you go skydiving without a parachute?

  • omv should have these words in their documentation.
    Thanks man!

  • I am using stripe since it can bring higher performance. I think a linear RAID will not bring you performance or any other advantages. It is totally useless. Striping has pro of higher performance and con of higher risk that data is not available in case of a single drive failure. In my case the drives are the speed bottleneck and data availability in case of drive failure is not important, so Striping is definitely the right choice.

    We've had the discussion here many times, but I hate these statements "You can take striping if you don't care about your data.... If a drive fails you lose a lot". NO. I am never going to lose any data because of this, since data safety is not a RAID business but a backup business. If one drive fails, my data is not available anymore until I have fixed the hardware and recovered a backup. The only risk here is server downtime.

  • Do you agree that linear raid should be removed from our beloved OMV?

    I think I am far away from being expert enough to give votdev any advice here. Perhaps the option is just there because he copied the list of upstream available options. So a better question may be why is it even possible on system level to create it? Yes I know, I said I think it's useless but to be fair, I did not even spend 5 mins to find out.. If you find sth, let me know.

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