Cannot Install More Plugins From Gui

  • Hi there,

    yesterday I did a fresh install of latest OMV 5.6.13, all went well.

    During initial set up I updated the system via the gui, which now gives me version 5.6.15-1. I then installed the OMV extras via ssh using the following command, wget -O -…ckages/raw/master/install | bash, No issues there.

    I then installed the Flashplugin from gui.

    Now, when I try to install any further plugins (specifically R Snapshot, though I also tried others) from the plugin menu via the Gui I get errors and installation ultimately aborts and all I can see is various could not resolve and failed to fetch errors.

    I am not sure I will be able to repeat the exact issue as during writing this post I thought I will check one more time if there is a setting I may have missed... and I thought I had... I looked in the OMV extras menu on the gui and saw there was an option in the Settings tab of the OMV extras menu with one of the three repo options being Extras Repo this was not checked so I checked it and tried to install the R Snapshot plugin but the plugin was no available in the Plugin menu and neither were any of the others that had previously been there. It now only shows the enabled plugins which are the Flash and Extras packages.

    Though at this point I cannot recreat it I did attempt Update from the OMV Extras menu and essentially got this result, which was similar.

    I actually had similar issues regarding installing on the previous version of OMV 5 I had installed hence why I did a fresh install with the latest image.

    Any help is much valued, I have tried my best to fathom it out myself and search the net for answers.

    thank you

  • It seems you have a DNS problem.

    See if this aplies to your situation

    RE: Network goes down a couple of times a day


    I then installed the OMV extras via ssh using the following command, wget -O -…ckages/raw/master/install | bash

    Did you run this as root?

    If you're trying the flash plugin, I assume you're doing it in a SBC, so the command should be:

    sudo wget -O - | sudo bash

    As it states on Github:

    OpenMediaVault-Plugin-Developers/installScript: script that installs omv-extras and openmediavault if not installed already. (

  • well thanks very much for your help.

    Also your solution worked, I just installed Rsnapshot successfully. I do have a static ipv4 setup and followed the instructions to resolve DNS I have not tried any others yet, but I will, I am new to NAS and OMV so am testing furiously to get to know it thoroughly.

    I do really value everything that has gone into this software. So thanks to all the developers and users that help other users.

    Yes I did that command via a ssh connection as root. I did not place sudo at the beginning of the command, I am not sure if that matters if you ssh as root? I followed the link in this thread. Plugin

    I am sorry but do not know what a SBC is (single board computer?) if so I was using my laptop to get an ssh session on the OMV server. when I did the command initially it was successful and was able to install flash plugin but any successive attempts to install anything did not work hence the original post.

    During the writing of this I tested another install and was successful, what may be interesting is that I disabled the extras repo option in the OMV extras tab under general settings before doing the install as I wanted to know if that had any effect on the process. It doesnt appear to have had any affect. I installed the OMV backup plug in.

    Thankyou very much for your help

  • I am sorry but do not know what a SBC is (single board computer?) if so I was using my laptop to get an ssh session on the OMV server.

    Yes SBC stands for single board computer (as in Raspberry Pi, for eg).

    When you said flash plugin, are you refering to the "openmediavault-flashmemory"?!?

    And what is important is the OMV Server hardware, not from where you're SSH to it.

    What equipment is the server?

    If it's working, then all is good

  • yes I am referring to openmediavault-flashmemory.

    lol you will probably laugh at the fanless mini pc I got for the task, I know very little about the internals as I havent pulled it apart. though here is the link regarding it...…-g400-mini-pc-windows-10/

    My set up is concerned with low power and power supply redundancy so this mini pc can run on 12v so does the modem/router and network switch. its a pretty small setup but does meet the needs for a basic NAS in the home network. the main limiting factor is that it does have only 3 usb ports one of which i reserve for a usb mouse/keyboard incase I need to log in locally. It is however a good start.

    as I never used it other than to install OMV i do not know MB details or chipsets etc. maybe I could power it down and run a live distro and use a hardware/sys info programme to find this out.

    and yes... if its working its all good :)

  • macom

    Added the Label resolved
  • though here is the link regarding it...…-g400-mini-pc-windows-10/

    Ok, it runs on x64 and with a eMMC. Don't really know if it's required for eMMC (the plugin)

    Maybe some more expert input is needed (also would like to know)



    Card Slots SD Card
    Internal Storage 64GB
    SSD Slot M.2 2242 SATA 256GB (Max.)
    Storage Type eMMC

    It also as a SD card slot

    If you can boot OS from SD card or a USB stick, then you definitely need the plugin, ;)

    ol you will probably laugh at the fanless mini pc I got for the task,

    I'm running the server on a Pi so, could never laugh about your setup, it looks a really good equipment and up for the task.

  • Ok, it runs on x64 and with a eMMC. Don't really know if it's required for eMMC (the plugin)

    Maybe some more expert input is needed (also would like to know)

    Your comment has piqued my curiosity ^^, so after a search I came to this thread.

    [Tutorial][Experimental][Third-party Plugin available]Reducing OMV's disk writes, also to install it on USB flash

    It is the gestation and development of the flashmemory plugin. It is curious to read this thread. I haven't read it in full, just the first few pages. It is OMV prehistory. An advanced user insisted on creating the script, against the opinion of several moderators. There was a little battle here. When ryecoaaron started supporting him, he created the plugin and took off like a rocket. 6 years later this add-on is essential for many systems. OMV Stories ...

    I summarize my conclusion. The answer to your question is that the plugin is not necessary on an SSD (or eMMC). Can it be used in an SSD? Yes Will it help extend the life of the SSD? Yes. The reason is that an SSD withstands much more wear and tear than a USB. That does not mean that it cannot be used, on the contrary, it will help to reduce the wear and tear of the SSD, just as it does with a USB. The difference is that a USB without the plug-in could die in two months (depending on the case) and an SSD will last a few years. So it is not so necessary in this case. Wear will depend on the size and quality of each unit. The wear is distributed throughout the disc, the larger the size, the more durability.

    OMV seems to continually generate a lot of temporary data, necessary now but irrelevant tomorrow (much of it related to the GUI, graphics creation, etc), which is written to disk. Basically what the script does is copy the folders that contain them to RAM, so the disk is not written. The plugin tells the script which folders to put in RAM. The lines that are modified manually in fstab are to avoid writes of the last hour of access to files, and to unmount swap. This is optional and also helps. But just installing and activating the plugin is enough to extend the life of a USB significantly.

  • I usually recommend the plugin on the cheap, Chinese knockoff brands that are easy to find on Amazon and some electronics sites (KingDian, Vaseky, Dogfish... to name 3). I figure they are probably just barely the quality of some of the cheaper flash drives out there.

    Truthfully though, a friend I helped assemble an OMV server about 4-5 years ago.. He spent heavily on other hardware, and chose to cheap out on the OS drive and bought a 32gig KingDian SSD (it was like 15 bucks), I suggested he use the flash memory plugin given the above reasons and he did... and to my knowledge it's still in use. I'm sure he would have told me if it croaked, as we talk pretty frequently.

    That said... I agree with you, a good quality SSD will probably last years w/o the plugin and maybe significantly longer with it.

    Air Conditioners are a lot like PC's... They work great until you open Windows.

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