[SOLVED] Boot kernel parameters and EdgeTPU / Coral AI issues

  • Context:

    I've been fiddling with frigate recently to control my security cams and introduce AI-based autodetection. I'm very happy with it but it puts a lot of workload on the server using CPUs to run the algorithms. Frigate itself recommends "outsourcing" the number crunching to Google Coral AI devices. This caught my interest, I ordered an M.2 EdgeTPU and I put it into my system. While the drivers install as advertised, test algorithms break down throwing "Failed to load delegate from libedgetpu.so.1" errors. Others have experienced this before and there are several guides to trouble-shoot this. This is certainly off-topic here.

    My issue:

    One of the requirements of utilizing the EdgeTPU is, that the system supports MSI-X as defined in the PCI 3.0 specification. My motherboard should support that. One of the workarounds I found recommended to introduce some kernel boot parameters to the system. When I looked at `/etc/default/grub`, I found that my installation contains the boot parameter `pci=nomsi,noaer`, which may(!) deactivate msi support and be the culprit of the problem.


    Is this true? If yes, can I simply remove the `nomsi`parameter or am I going to run into trouble (I assume it's there for a reason)? If not, can I simply add additional boot parameters in this file and reboot or do I need to configure the boot parameters in another place (still not familiar with salt, sorry).

    Any insight appreciated.

  • Answering my own questions:

    • Yes, the pci=nomsi kernel parameter deactivates MSI support completely and was the root-cause of the culprit.
    • Fixed it the "old-school" way by simply editing `/etc/default/grub` and running `update-grub`. Rebooted the system.
    • The EdgeTPU/Coral AI started working immediately after the reboot.

    Marking as solved...

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