SharedFolders are empty, newly created are not shown

  • Hi all,

    one or two weeks ago I upgraded my OMV from 4.x to 5.x. Since the server is only running when I need it as a network storage, I cannot say, if the following behavior also existed directly after the update or just now.

    Yesterday I created a new "Shared Folder" named "Fotos2". With the "Privileges" button I gave the folder the same privileg I already gave my "Fotos" folder -> Kodi ("ftp" is a member of this group) Group Read/Write permission (Because I use Kodi on my Raspberry Pi as my photo player).

    Then I navigated into "FTP" -> "Shares" and added a "Fotos2"-Share.

    Now, I wanted to use my new Fotos2 folder and upload the pictures from my nieces communion celebration on Sunday as root via WinScp. But what a pitty: I didn't see the Fotos2 folder in OMV's /sharedFolder folder. When I e.g. opened the Fotos folder, it was empty. I started extremely sweating, because I feared all my vacation, family photos,... could be lost (or at least those after the last backup).

    In the shell (as root) I navigated to /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Disc6 and there, I was happy, my Fotos, etc. folders with all the content still existed.

    Now I tried to find out, whether it's a permission problem and therefore looked at the permissions of /sharedFolder and its child folders, but all belong to root:users. But all the /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Disc* folders belong to root:root.

    Any idea, how I can fix this? What would be the right permissions and can I set them via OMV or shall I do so via shell? Did I do something wrong or was it caused by the upgrade?

    Thanks and kind regards,


  • Hello gderf,

    thanks a lot!

    What I don't understand is on the one hand this entry from the changelog:

    vs. what you wrote in the linked topic. For me the changelog sounds like, it's a bug, that the file system is broken and your post in the ticket looks like me, the use of the sharedFolder is a toggle I can switch on or off.

    I don't need the sharedFolder anymore, if it's not the "natural" behavior of OMV. But I'm not so sure, how to correctly work in via WinScp and upload files. Shall I use directly /src/dev-disk-by-label-Disk* folders? Is that the correct way now? It works to upload the photos, but I'm not sure, if it's meant to be done like that.

    Thanks and kind regards,


  • What you quoted and what I referred in the changelog to are not related.

    The /sharedfolders no longer being populated beginning with OMV 5.3.3-1 is by design and not a bug. If you want the prior behavior, then restore it per the directions given.

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