OMV 5 on Debian Buster GnuBee PC2

  • I build sucessfully all Packages on Debian Buster

    Now i fail when i'm installing the packages

    but when i hit

    apt-get install -f the dependencies dosen't install

    I can't install failling dependencies by hand with apt-get install package but the packages exists!

    I could fix the error with

    root@gnubee-n1:/var/lib/dpkg/info# rm -rf openmediavault*

    But now i have the all package how i them install correctly with the dpependecies?

  • But apt-get install -f dosen't work?!

  • I can't read that but it looks like you have more packages to build.

    You're going to probably have to get advice from some support forum for that device. I doubt you're going to get much help compiling omv from source.

    No, build all packages properly! I have openmedivault-keyring*.deb and all other stuff

    I also compiled salt-common and salt-minion 3003 over python3

    but openmedivault doesn't recognize salt-minion 3003 but weirdly salt-common 3003 well. Can someone show me the path where the package search salt-minion 3003 in the system? I installed with

    python3 develop

    That should install salt-common and minion systemwide!

    root@gnubee-n1:/tmp/salt/salt# salt-minion --version
    salt-minion 3003rc1+1111.g7f6c66b7eb

    Could i force the install of openmediavault?

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