Removing shared folders on snapraid

  • How to do I get rid of shared folders under snapraid? I removed all of the directories from the cli, but when I look at Shared Folder, it still show the folders and I am not able to remove them. I thought that shutting down all of the containers would release the folders (or at least the pointers, since the directories are gone), but no dice. I have turned off all file system controls, like CIFS, NFS, etc. and still can't delete the shared folders.

  • Do you have any rsync work configured?

    In the OMV GUI in << Access permissions >> and << shared folders >> the folder says yes or no in the referenced column?

    The best thanks to the help provided is to report what your solution was. The next one will thank you :thumbup:

  • The issue that I was having was an issue with any shared folders. The folder in question was a referenced folder. Once I was able to get rid of the reference, life was good!

  • kcallis

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