SMB Shares not writetable on LibreElec

  • Hello,

    I used OpenMediaVault for a small fileserver at home ...

    Under Windows 10 and 11, Ubuntu and Mac OS Catalina I can read, write and delete folder and files between the system.

    The Clients used smb Protocol

    Catalina SMB3_02

    Windows SMB3_11

    Ubuntu (is in moment not online)

    but on this 3 OS I can read, write and delete!

    Kodi used SMB3_11 or SMB2_10 (depending on the configuration)

    with Kodi (LibreElec) I can't write or delete files ... only read (under Public all clients connected as nobody and nogroup)

    I don't understand why LibreElec cant write on the server and all other System can do ...

    Maybe something can help me!


  • Maybe something can help me

    Without appearing condescending why do you think this forum has the answers to what is fundamentally a LibreElec issue + why do you believe it's necessary for LibeElec to write to the server.

    LibreElec is a Kodi client you simply point it to your SMB or NFS shares if on a network, or you point it to a drive directly connected to Kodi. I run LibreElec at home and it connects to OMV shares via SMB, my son runs LibreElec, his library is stored on a drive connected to his Pi.

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