Rclone and Google Drive local mount

  • I need to sync Google Drive with my PCs so I thought of using Rclone to mount the folder and then sync it with Syncthing. From OMV I can see all Gdrive files but I have permissions issues both with Syncthing than SMB (Windows cannot access).

    I tried to give permissions from ACL but it gives errors, what alse should I do?

  • Did you create a user to deploy the applications in docker ?. More information is needed. Can you post your rclone and syncthing docker stack? (clean sensitive information first)

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  • No, I didn't created other users. I installed Rclone inside OMV, this instead is the Syncthing stack:

  • You are using a root directory for data. That I think will give permission problems.

    The first thing I would do is remove OMV's rclone installation and install it via docker. It is easier to configure permissions, routes, ports and avoid problems with the OMV system. I've never used rclone, sorry I can't help you on that.

    It would modify the location of your docker files. You have them in / var / lib / docker. It is advisable (although not essential) to place them on a different disk. I would create a directory on your disk / srv / dev-disk-by-uuid-e5e42561-9284-4395-b474-0d965f248de3 / docker and modify this in the OMV GUI section <<OMV-Extras>> in Docker Storage.

    Then I would create another folder on the same disk for the docker configuration files / srv / dev-disk-by-uuid-e5e42561-9284-4395-b474-0d965f248de3 / config where the persistent configuration files of each docker will be installed.

    Then I would make a folder where to store the information you want to synchronize from gdrive, which will be used for the two applications. / srv / dev-disk-by-uuid-e5e42561-9284-4395-b474-0d965f248de3 / data_gdrive

    The ideal situation to create applications in docker is to do it with a dedicated user: for example "userapp" or whatever you want. Create it in OMV GUI, section << Access Permissions >> <<user>>.

    Edit the "userapp" permissions, give it read and write permission on your config, docker and data folders.

    Determine PUID and PGID of "userapp", open UID column and GID column in OMV GUI. You will need them for docker stacks.

    Regarding the syncthing stack:

    - Modify PUID and PGID with docker user values (the rclone stack would edit it in the same way)

    - In volumes it is not necessary to set the volume - var / lib / docker / volumes / .... you can delete that line. If you need to say where the config folder and the data folder are. The volumes would be in your case:

    - / srv / dev-disk-by-uuid-e5e42561-9284-4395-b474-0d965f248de3 / config / syncthing: / config

    - / srv / dev-disk-by-uuid-e5e42561-9284-4395-b474-0d965f248de3 / data_gdrive: / data1

    I give you an example that works for me:

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