Change network options without access via IP or CLI

  • Currently running OMV6 on Debian 11 on Odroid HC4. I changed my OMV network settings from DHCP to static, but obviously I did something wrong as I cannot access my server via GUI or SSH now.

    I know I can run omv-firstaid from CLI, but OMV doesn't seem to recognise my keyboards. I've tried two different USB keyboards and they do not work at all via CLI. They work in the boot manager Petitboot, and worked during the Debian install and Debian CLI, but not OMV CLI. The ODROID only has one USB 2.0 port so this is my only option; I cannot use a PS/2 keyboard even if I had one.

    Is my only option here to mount the MicroSD on another Linux device and change the network settings in the file?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Does anyone have solution for dumb me? On Pi4 OMV5 Disabled wifi and forgot to turn on the LAN. How to enable wifi or change DHCP settings if no network connections available? Tried serial communication via FTDI adapter no luck. Probably disabled on Pi.

    Any other ways? If I connect the monitor and keyboard will it show something?

  • If you connect monitor and a keyboard after reboot you should see Command prompt. Login as root. once logged in type "omv-firstaid", configure your network interface (choice #1). This should get you back in business.


    Linux Mint 20.2 "Uma", Cinnamon DE

    OMV5 NAS, Fractal Design Define R5, 22TB storage

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